It’s our goal at Sherwood Aluminium to improve drive-thru efficiency by making it easier for servers. Pass-through delivery and payments through the window need to be quick and easy. But in busy periods, opening and closing a manually operated window can slow service down.

Our new automated windows are designed to improve the speed of service and throughput of your drive-thru

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The hands-free window design greatly increases operating efficiency, while also saving energy and improving security. When a team member approaches the window, sensors are accurately calibrated to automatically open just-in-time, allowing an unimpeded service.

A smooth operating mechanism ensures opening and closing the window is unobtrusive to both the customer and the server. When then team member moves away, the window automatically closes, then effortlessly opens again as they continue serving the customer. Automation sensors are timed to make food and drink delivery faster, whilst significantly cutting heat loss to reduce CO2 emissions.

Security was also a high design priority. Closing the window automatically engages shootbolts to instantly lock the serving window. At the end of service, just engage the dead-locking for maximum security. You can choose either an inward-opening or a sliding window configuration to suit your servery design. An optional glass outer-screen provides additional protection without inhibiting the server.

In summary


Hands-free Operation


Improved efficiency


Saves energy


Enhanced Security


Sensors open just in time


Allows free-flowing service


Faster food and drink delivery

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